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Portrait of a Psychopath

Collection of 13 animation videos, + 24 for free.Portrait of a Psychopath is a collection that come from a deep, lonely place of the soul. It’s a black & white collection, charged with negativity, discomfort, fear and hate. It reveals 10 of the traits of psychopaths, and which… Read More »Portrait of a Psychopath


Collection of 10+10 animation videos.Visuals about the great happiness molecule, Serotonin.Recommended daily dosis!In shades of mysterious green.


Collection of 20 animation videos, plus 18 all mixed together.The graphic visualisation of headaches, mental issues and lines of thought.The acceptation of deformity, elasticity and movement of the psychological represented as something physical.


Collection of 18 animation videos.Electric storm in fragile bulb.


Collection of 19 animation videos.Little small moons in dramatic black and white.


Collection of 19 animation videos inspired in the maze and thread.Grey and green colour shades.


Collection of 20 videos in loop. Swirls in motion with gradients of orange, pink blue.


Collection of 23 videos in loop. Inspired in the hive module, and with honey-like colour shades.